2 New Classes for Minecrafters at Compass this Spring!

Compass has two spring classes for Minecraft enthusiasts! If your child lives or thinks in the virtual world of blocks of stone, ore, water, or lava; explores online biomes and terrains; and escapes computer mobs and zombies, then these classes are for you!

These 8-week classes begin Wednesday, April 4, at Compass in Oakton. Register for these classes or others online.

Minecraft 3D Engineering (10:00 am – 11:30 am)

Bring Minecraft to life using LEGO! Students will use elements of the Minecraft game to build in the 3D world. Builders will roll dice to collect and manage their LEGO resources just like in the Minecraft universe. Physical LEGO bricks will represent Minecraft blocks of dirt, stone, ore, water, and wood. As their constructions unfold, students will trade resources and collaborate with their classmates to build diverse biomes and terrains, and craft tools to overcome unknown challenges. Students will explore concepts in probability, mathematics, and resource management while experiencing the tactile and spatial relationships of Minecraft in three dimensions. This is not a computer or robotics-based class, and prior experience with Minecraft or LEGO is not required.

Minecraft Mod Masters (11:00 am – 11:55 am) Only two spaces remaining!

Student Minecrafters will be introduced to new building mods available only in the new 1.11 version. Students will explore what it is like to build on the moon and in terrain that is out of this world. Each week the class will be introduced to new features in design and build mods which will empower our virtual builders to visualize, sculpt and construct more advanced, more refined, and more realistic virtual civilizations and structures. Beginners will be taught the basics of Minecraft along with these mods, and more advanced builders will be given individualized construction challenges. Students who ordinarily play Minecraft on a game console or tablet will expand their understanding with a different functionality in the keyboard-based PC version. Students will be using local installations of Minecraft 1.11 rather than having open internet access. Students will work in creative mode and refrain from survival mode to avoid violence, death, and loss of all virtual work. For parents who are not Minecrafters, “mods” are add-on software bundles that give expanded flexibility and enhanced functions in the Minecraft world.