Compass Cooking Classes

Step into Compass’s new teaching kitchen for a variety of cooking and baking classes each week for students ages 6 and up.

Compass cooking classes get kids excited about helping in the kitchen, working with new ingredients, and learning practical, hands-on life skills. Kids enjoying cooperating, cooking, and eating with friends. Compass chefs are encouraged to try new foods and unfamiliar ingredients because they have handled, prepared, and seen what goes into them. They learn how to slice, dice, zest, squeeze, blend, blanch, mince, mix, braise, broil…and more! Cooking students discover how to work with fresh herbs, add and multiply fractional kitchen measures, read ingredient panels, and make substitutions in recipes. Many sources such as CBS News, the New York Times, WebMD, Live Strong Foundation, and others have written about the positive, life-long benefits of teaching kids to cook. Following are some answers to commonly asked questions about Compass’s cooking classes:

Frequently Asked Questions:


Food Allergies/Special Diets