Compass Ballet Classes

Frequently Asked Questions:


Who teaches the ballet classes?

Compass ballet classes are taught by Alchemy Ballet Academy and are held at their location.

Where are ballet classes located?

Alchemy Ballet Academy is located at 590 Herndon Parkway, Suite 140. This is a few doors down from Compass in a neighboring office park.

What is Alchemy Ballet?

Alchemy Ballet is a project of Artists in Motion, a non-profit based in Fairfax County. The Academy Director, Marianna Rozanova, is an accomplished ballerina with 25 years of experience as an instructor. She has choreographed classical ballet performances and instructed several award-winning dancers. Along with the Academy, Alchemy Ballet also hosts a dance company.

Who teaches my child’s classes?

Ramon Sanchez, the Company Ballet Master, works with Compass students on learning technical skills. Mr. Sanchez started his training in Spain and has since danced in England, the United States, and Germany. He trained with world-renowned teachers and has instructed dancers from many professional conservatories. A pre-professional ballerina also works with Compass students to play dance games and imaginative activities.

Ages/Skills Levels

Ballet Fun begins at the PreK. Can my 3 year-old enroll in the class?

No, Compass guidelines and insurance limit participation to students who are age 4.

My son is in 4th grade and has danced for several years. Should he enroll in Ballet Foundations?

Compass ballet classes are targeted for beginners with limited ballet experience. If a child is more experienced, parents should contact Alchemy Dance directly to enroll in more advanced lessons.

My 9th grader has been looking for a beginning ballet class. Even though Ballet Foundations stops at 8th grade, can she enroll?

Per Compass policy, students can enroll “up” or “down” a year from the suggested grade range without consulting Compass staff. The exception for this is the minimum age of 4 for ballet.

My daughter has aspirations to dance professionally. What should she do?

Compass classes are targeted for beginner students. Alchemy Ballet hosts an Advanced Pre-Professional Program, which is an intensive six day-per-week curriculum for dancers with professional aspirations. Contact Alchemy Ballet and Ms. Rozanova directly for details.

Waiting Parents/Siblings

Where can I wait while my child is in ballet lessons?

Parents and parent proxies (i.e. designated adult) can wait in the Alchemy Dance facility. There is a spacious waiting lounge.

My son is 9 years old. Can I drop him off for ballet lessons and run to Chick Fil A or Target? Can I run my other child over to Compass for her class?

No, even though children may be dropped off for Compass classroom programs beginning at age 8, for ballet lessons, a parent or parent proxy must remain in the facility for each child. Drop-offs are not permitted since this is not a Compass facility.

Ballet Essentials

What should my son bring to his lesson?

Students should bring water, appropriate clothing and footwear, and a change of clothing if desired.

Where should my child get dressed?

Alchemy Ballet has restrooms with changing facilities.

What should my student wear?

Young ladies must wear a leotard with skirt (attached or detached), pink tights, and soft pink ballet shoes in canvas or leather. Young men must wear a slim-fitting white t-shirt, black shorts, white socks, and soft black ballet shoes in canvas or leather.

Where should I buy these ballet clothes?

Ballet shops and retail outlets sell the required apparel. Alchemy Ballet offers an optional kit of one leotard with skirt, one pair of tights, and one pair of soft shoes for $25.00 or soft shoes only for $6.50.

Will there be a ballet performance?

Every quarter ends with a demonstration of skills for parents. In the winter, Compass students have the opportunity to audition for the Alchemy Ballet Academy winter performance.


Do I sign up for these classes through Alchemy Ballet or Compass? 

While the classes are taught at the Alchemy Ballet studio, registration and payment is made through Compass to streamline the process and simplify communications. Questions about these classes should be directed to Compass.

Why are these classes 50 minutes rather than 55?

Compass ballet lessons are 50 minutes to allow students to return to the main learning center before the next class period.

My child might not like ballet but I would like him to try it. Is there a way to test the class?

Yes, Compass offers a one-day trial lesson for $20.00. This can be done at any time during the quarter and can be purchased on the Compass Website.

Map to Alchemy Ballet Academy:

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