Junior Spelling Bee

Beginning spellers are encouraged to join us for the annual Junior Spelling Bee which is a friendly, low-pressure, first-time bee for children who love words and reading. Read below for more information.


The Junior Bee is held in the winter quarter each year at Compass’s learning center in Herndon. The contest will be oral questions and responses following the format, rules, and guidelines of the national Scripps Spelling Bee program.

All Compass participants will receive a certificate and small token. The top two spellers will receive a certificate, small token, and a medal. The top two spellers from the Junior Bee will be invited to participate in the Compass Senior Spelling Bee. The Junior Spelling Bee is open to area homeschoolers regardless of whether or not they take classes at Compass.

  • The Junior Bee is for homeschooled students under age 9. Students who have reached their 9th birthday on/before the bee will be moved to the Senior Spelling Bee.
  • This contest is open to all homeschooled students from northern Virginia, regardless of whether or not they take classes at Compass.
  • This contest is also open to Compass students* who reside in Maryland, West Virginia, and/or Washington DC. Homeschooled students from these areas who do not attend Compass classes cannot be accommodated and are encouraged to find or organize bees in their own area.
  • A Compass student is one who has been enrolled in a Compass class in the current academic year.
  • A student may compete in only one local Scripps bee and cannot “shop” around by participating in more than one homeschool spelling bee.
  • Students who are enrolled in private schools cannot be accommodated in this bee.

There is a nominal participation fee; see the activity fee page for details.

Practice Suggestions
  • All registered participants will receive an e-mail with practice words lists.
  • Visit spelling practice websites such as Word Central and Spell It
  • Watch YouTube videos (with your parents) YouTube videos of past national spelling bees
  • Watch bee-related movies (with your parents) bee-themed movies such as Spellbound or Akeelah and the Bee.
  • Read!