Homeschool String Ensemble

Violin, viola, cello, and bass musicians are invited to play with the Compass Homeschool String Ensemble! Develop ensemble skills and enjoy the experience of practicing, playing, and performing as a group! Repertoires are specially arranged to accommodate musicians of different abilities and to be fun, popular music that kids and teens appreciate.

Monika Dorosheff conducts the Homeschool String Ensemble. She is also an educator, recording artist, and professional violin soloist. There are no formal auditions for the Homeschool String Orchestra. Musicians should be currently (or recently) enrolled in private lessons. As a guideline, a student should be able to play a D major scale in two octaves, locate notes on his/her instrument, read music, and identify rhythmical patterns. Students with less experience will be asked to play for the conductor or to submit a brief video to help establish placement.

Homeschool String Ensemble is open to homeschooled string musicians in grades 4-8.

Meeting Schedule
The ensemble will meet in a regularly scheduled class time slot from 11:00 am – 11:55am on Wednesdays for 13 weeks (1st semester) and 15 weeks (2nd semester) following the Compass calendar.

Musicians must register online to participate in the Homeschool String Ensemble.