Parents at Compass

Compass parents are always welcome to remain on site while their children are in class. The parents (or other supervising grown-ups) of children under age 8 are required to remain at Compass while their kids are in class (See the Compass Family Handbook.) Some parents of older students enjoy staying on campus for the community, camaraderie, and networking, while other parents choose to remain at Compass because of the time and distance they spend commuting here.

Compass has several options for waiting parents. Many parents wait on comfortable leather sofas, upholstered seating, and club chairs in our waiting areas. Others sit at cafe tables and workstations in our four Commons areas where they can eat, chat, or work with their children on schoolwork. Complimentary coffee and tea are available in Suite D for Compass parents, and WiFi is available in all suites.

Co-Working Spaces

Compass now offers five private offices that can be used as co-working spaces. Parents who need to participate in virtual meetings, take client calls, or just get work done may reserve a co-working office for a nominal fee. The co-working offices are also available to parents who need to work uninterrupted with their child before, after, or between Compass classes and for older students who have virtual classes mid-day. Compass parents who wish to rent a co-working office must request user access in person or online to Compass’s online scheduling system, Skedda. Parents with user access may reserve a room and pay online with a credit card. Co-working offices are rented in 1-hour increments, and eating/drinking in these rooms is not allowed (except for bottled water or coffee/tea).

YMCA Day Pass

Compass has a partnership with the YMCA located 0.9 miles from Compass at 12196 Sunset Hills Rd, Reston, VA 20190. The YMCA offers a $10.00 Compass Family Day Pass (regularly $30.00) which allows them to use the fitness center, exercise equipment, indoor sports courts, sauna, or lap pool. Younger children may go to the YMCA-staffed Childwatch center for up to 2 hours between the hours of 8:00 am and 12:00 pm while a parent works out. For photos of the YMCA, see the Compass Swimming webpage.

Frequently Asked Questions

My daughter is not yet age 8, but I cannot remain at Compass because I have to work (go to an appointment, pick up another child at preschool, etc.) What can I do?

In this case, a parent can find a Parent Proxy. Parent Proxies are trusted adults who agree to take responsibility for supervising someone else’s child at Compass, signing her in/out and in some cases providing transportation. Parent Proxies can be other adult family members (grandparents, aunts, uncles, or siblings ages 13+), au pairs, babysitters, nannies, friends, neighbors or other Compass parents. Often, pairs or small groups of homeschool parents become proxies for each other and take turn remaining on campus to supervise several children while allowing the other parent(s) leave campus.

Parents are solely responsible for selecting, coordinating with, and obtaining agreement from a Parent Proxy. Parent Proxy forms must be submitted prior to leaving your child in the care of another adult. A parent should submit a different form for each adult that may be left responsible for his/her children. Parent Proxy forms are electronic and available online through the Compass Family Account. Parent Proxy forms are not needed for a child’s own parents.

I would like to site in the back of the classroom with my child while he is in class.

Because of space constraints and the potential for disruptions in the classrooms, parents, aides, tutors and/or siblings cannot be accommodated in classrooms.

Does Compass have any classes for parents?

From time-to-time, Compass hosts workshops and programs for parents. Currently, only the Mosaic Masterpieces class (Monday afternoons) is open to parents. Compass regularly has solo parents and parents together with their pre-teens or teens do mosaics together. In addition, parents can register for private cooking lessons for themselves, a small group or friends, or with their children. Parents have also taken private sewing lessons at Compass. Any parent with a specific interest and a couple of friends is welcome to talk to us about small group instruction.

Can I tutor (or babysit) my friend’s child while my daughter is in her Compass class?

Compass rent and insurance covers only Compass-led classes and activities. Compass parents, students, and siblings are not permitted to hold money-making activities or perform paid services, such as paid babysitting or tutoring services, while on the Compass campus.