Parent Proxy Form
If you would like to authorize another adult to be in charge of your child(ren) while you are away from campus, please fill out the Parent Proxy Form. You can submit multiple Parent Proxy forms if you have more than one authorized adult and/or different proxies for different dates.
Complete a Parent Proxy Form for 23-24

Teen Form
Students ages 13+ may be dropped off to walk in, sign themselves in, wait, study, eat, or socialize between classes, sign themselves out, and walk out to the parking lot to be picked up if (a) the family is comfortable with that arrangement, (b) the student is capable, understands and accepts all rules, and (c) there is a Teen Form on file. Please note that your teen must also read and agree to the terms in this form.

Please read this form carefully, as there are specific privileges that not all parents would want to grant to all teens. If you would like to give different privileges to different children, you may submit more than one form, and select the appropriate child for each form and mark different responsibilities/privileges for each.
Complete a Teen Form for 23-24