My Credits

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  • Compass Credits can be used for any member of the immediate family but may not be transferred to another family.
  • Compass Credit can be applied to a Compass class, workshop, private instruction*, tutoring*, or activity fee such as those for clubs, extracurricular activities, special events, or other, scheduled fee-based Compass activity. (*Note: must go through administrator for private instruction/tutoring)
  • Compass Credit cannot be used for class material or supply fees, merchandise, snacks or items sold by others (such as books, curriculum, or marketplace items.) 
  • Compass Credits cannot be “cashed-in” for a monetary or credit card refund or retroactively be applied to a completed purchase/registration as a refund, including when the user forgets to enter the credit or refresh the check out screen.
  • Compass Credits must be used by May 31 of the current school term, otherwise funds will be forfeited.