PenPoint Literary Magazine

The Compass PenPoint literary arts magazine is a student-edited and produced anthology, “created for the students, by the students.” The goal of the PenPoint magazine is to showcase the writing and artistic skills of homeschooled teens throughout the DC metropolitan area. The Spring 2019 issue can be viewed here.

Editorial Board

The “Literarians” writing and editorial board is a home for students who love to write, who love to read writing, and who love to share writing with others. The board serves as a community for serious student writers who promote literary collaboration and provide feedback to boost creativity and artistic development. They build their own, individual writing portfolios while also assuming editorial roles for the PenPoint publication.

Guest Contributors

Homeschooled teen writers and artists from the metro DC area may submit works to the board for consideration for publication. Contributors must be homeschooled but not do not have to be current Compass students. Short stories, poems, essays, drawings, paintings, and photographs will be considered for publication. Contact the board to receive a copy of the submission guidelines.

Authors and artists of all submissions to the magazine, whether selected for final publication or not, will be offered at least one work session with a student member of the editorial board to receive feedback on how to strengthen their work. This collaboration creates a friendly, supportive environment where a student passionate about writing or art can receive peer opinions about their work. Guest contributors may contact Compass to be put in touch with the PenPoint editorial board.

The Compass Literarians writing board is open to teens in grades* 9-12. Mature 8th graders are welcome to enroll. (grade if enrolled in traditional school by birth date without grade-skipping or acceleration).

Meeting Schedule
The board meets in a regularly scheduled class time slot from 2:00 pm- 2:55 pm on Fridays for 14 weeks (1st semester) and 16 seeks (2nd semester) following the Compass calendar.

Register online to participate in the semester-long “Literarians” writing and editorial board.

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