Colglazier, Shona


Shona Colglazier is the founder and lead artist behind Urban Kangaroo, a youth hip-hop dance program. Dance was an integral part of Shona’s teen and young adult years. She was inspired during the rise of urban dance in the 1990s and connected with the free-form and self-expression that hip-hop dance embodies. She continued dancing at the University of Virginia where she helped found the University Dance Club. She has continued to hone her art with classes at the Joy of Motion Dance Studio and Chakaboom Fitness, as well as performing with the local group Jam Crew. Shona has also studied other aspects of hip-hop culture including graffiti art, rap, and break dancing. Through Hip Hop Kangaroo, Shona leads energetic, age-appropriate youth dance clinics and parties at schools, after-school programs, and private parties.