What Happens in a Courtroom? Find Out in “Arguing Your Case”

Who is the a defendant? What is the difference between a plaintiff and a prosecutor? What can you say when you cross examine someone?

In this unique 7-week civics class, students will be introduced to the court system in a dynamic class taught by attorney and educator Leila Leoncavallo. Ms Leoncavallo also serves as a docent to the US Supreme Court.

Students will learn courtroom terminology and procedures, which will be reinforced through observation and role-play. They will learn about the burden of proof as they examine the differences between civil and criminal cases. Students will learn the basic rules of direct and cross examination, as well as the rules of evidence. They will demonstrate their understanding of the roles in the courtroom and the sequence of a trial by participating in a scripted court case.

This class helps students prepare for unscripted mock trials held in the winter and spring at Compass. Mock Trials provide great opportunity for students to work as a team, structure logical arguments, practice debate and reasoning skills, and speak in front of an audience while gaining a deeper understanding of what happens in America’s courtrooms.

Arguing Your Case” is for students in 7th – 10th grade. The class begins Wed. October 26 at Compass. The class meets for 7 weeks from 2:00 – 2:55 pm. For more information and to register for this class or others, see the Compass website.