Teens Need More Screen Time!

Teens need more screen time? Yes, if your teen is coding! Teens who learn to code can break down a problem into smaller components and with the right skills, can single-handedly build creative, innovative technologies.

If your teen is a musician, mathematician, poet, artist, or a linguist, enroll them in the in-person, hands-on AP Computer Science A class at Compass next year. Coding is linked to language arts and creativity in addition to math and logic and is the perfect creative space for your teen.

Why coding?

  • The World Economic Forum announced the Fourth Industrial Revolution where the “fusion of technologies..is blurring the lines between the physical, digital, and biological spheres.” Coding is at the center of the Revolution.
  • Some projections estimate a need for 1.4 million computer science-based jobs within the next 5 years.
  • Computer and information technology occupations are projected to grow 13 percent in the next 10 years, faster than the average for all occupations (Bureau of Labor of Statistics).
  • College grads with degrees in CS now routinely earn more than those with MBAs.
  • Why AP?

  • AP, or Advanced Placement, allows teens to learn to code through college-level instruction.
  • Most colleges and universities in the United States and in more than 100 other countries grant college credit for AP exam scores secured in high school.
  • Credit awarded for AP saves money on college tuition and allows a student to place out of entry-level classes and move on to more rigorous work.
  • Homeschool students can compete with traditionally schooled teens with APs. Over 66,000 students took the AP Comp Sci A exam in 2018, with 67.7% passing with a score of 3, 4, or 5.
  • Why Does the AP Computer Science Class Cost So Much?

  • The cost of the AP Computer Science class at Compass is less than the cost of an equivalent 3-credit hour CS class at University of Virginia ($3,207) or Virginia Tech ($1,977), as examples, that they can earn credit for.
  • The same computer science professionals who earn high salaries in CS fields expect competitive compensation when they are in the classroom.
  • Register for AP Computer Science A at Compass today! Classes begin on September 7.