Summer Spotlight! Veterinary Science: Medical Mysteries, Emergency!

Can you help?

What could be wrong with…

  • Teuer, an 8-week-old Rottweiler pup that was brought in on Christmas Eve for loss of appetite and vomiting.
  • Pascal, a Cocker Spaniel with a red, painful eye.
  • Portia, a 9-month-old Yorkie with seizures.

Discover the science (and art) of small animal medicine! Find out how vets- and even human physicians and other medical professionals- use clues to form a diagnosis. Analyze actual cases and make predictions based on health history, exam findings, and diagnostics. See how anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, and biochemistry come together!

Each week students become “veterinarians for an hour.” Using real veterinary cases from Emergency Medicine taught by a practicing veterinarian, the group will work together to evaluate a patient’s history, consider various diagnostic tests, interpret results, and form a treatment plan. Students will use deductive reasoning and logic to piece together the clues of the medical mystery. Will they be successful clinicians?

Veterinary Science: Medical Mysteries, Emergency! Meets at Compass on Fridays at 2:00 pm starting September 7. Just 2 spaces remain in this popular class for 8th-12th graders. Register for this class and others online!