Summer Spotlight: Spanish I

Trying to learn a foreign language for high school? You can’t talk to your online Spanish computer program, textbook, or app! You need real people to practice speaking and interacting with!

Spanish I is a conversation-focused, full-year beginner level high school Spanish course at Compass. Students will cover a full year of Spanish including vocabulary, listening and speaking skills, asking and answering questions, and correct use of grammar. Students will cover a full year of Spanish with one, in-person, weekly meeting plus 2-3 hours of outside work. This course is being offered at both Honors and On-Level tracks. Spanish students of both levels meet together for in-person classes and conversation practice, but outside assignments are differentiated. No need to purchase textbook- the instructor provides all class materials. See the full class description online and read about Spanish instructor Lisa Alonso.

Spanish I meets at Compass on Fridays at 10:00 am starting September 7. The class is open to students in 7th-12th grade. Register for this class and others online.