Summer Spotlight: Physics- Newtonian Mechanics

High School Physics!

Colleges want to see it, and most teens can’t learn it alone. Physics is a basic, fundamental science that explores tangible, observable everyday events in our physical world. Physical phenomena are best observed live and hands-on!

Compass has a small-group, in-person Physics class this year for those college-bound teens who need Physics as a laboratory science. This is a classical, lab-based physics course where the majority of class time is spent performing labs and collecting data to demonstrate the week’s concepts. Registration is by semester.

First semester examines Newtonian Mechanics with topics like linear motion and kinematics, acceleration and free fall, projectile motion, force and Newton’s Laws of Motion, centripetal force and circular motion, gravitation, work and energy, conservation of energy and momentum, static equilibrium, and simple machines. Second semester will explore fluid dynamics, heat and kinetic theory, thermodynamics, harmonic motion, waves and sound, light and optics, electricity and magnetism, and more. Compass Physics are Algebra-and Trigonomentry-based.

Note sure if your homeschooled teen should take Physics? Read about ‘why students should study physics?’ and Seven Myths About High School Physics from the American Physical Society. Khan Academy’s College Admissions tips and the College Board both suggest Physics as one of your three lab sciences if you are applying to a competitive college.

Physics meets from 11:00 am- 12:55 pm on Fridays starting September 7. Register for Physics and other classes online.