Summer Spotlight: Physical Anthropology

  • Identifying a victim from Pompeii.
  • A Viking grave found in Italy.
  • Remains of an early Jamestown leader confirmed.
  • Every week, there is news that mysteries of the past that have been unlocked through the science of Physical Anthropology. Now, homeschooled teens can study this exciting, multidisciplinary field at Compass. Physical Anthropology meets on Fridays at 11:00 am starting September 7.

    Physical anthropology links biology, forensics, history, sociology, and many other fields to examine the distant past and speculate on the future, always with an eye on the scientific method. Physical anthropology sheds light on such ancient mysteries, but also answers modern questions, such crime scene investigation (CSI), using archaeology, genealogy, chemical tests, 3D scans, computer modeling, and other sources. This semester-long, evidence-based science class offers a fascinating look at past and present variations in humans and our close relatives through skeletal remains, variations among living people, genetic patterns, migration, and much more.

    See website for the full class description and instructor’s profile. Register for Physical Anthropology and other classes online.