Summer Spotlight: Noooo! Not the Card Catalog!

Summer SpotlightHomeschool parents are very competent to teach many academic topics, but most of us lack the up-to-date skills to teach our kids relevant, current research techniques. Hint: It does not involve the card catalog or the Dewey decimal system!

Recognizing the need for students to be able to efficiently find and critique sources of information in the vast, digital media universe, Compass offers unique “Information Masters Jr: Middle School Research Basics” and “Information Masters: High School Research Fundamentals” classes. These classes are taught by instructor Megan Reynolds who earned a Masters Degree in Library Science as well as additional credentials in gifted education. Megan has worked as a research specialist in public libraries and school libraries.

In the Information Masters series, students will learn modern media literacy skills necessary for high school research writing. Students will learn how to navigate the “Infosphere” as savvy consumers and producers of information. They will explore the latest in electronic resources, including academic search engines, scholarly databases, and primary sources. In addition, students will learn how to select the best resource for their informational need and not merely the first one that pops up. Students will learn to skim and scan sources for information and how to document their sources with online bibliography generators.

In subsequent quarters, Information Masters will continue skills in the research cycle such as extracting key details, synthesizing and organizing information, compiling and presenting research findings.

Information Masters Jr. (for grades 6th-8th) will be held Wednesdays at 12:00 pm starting September 7, and Information Masters (for high schoolers) will be held on Fridays at 12:00 pm starting September 9. Registration for these classes and dozens of others is online.

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