Summer Spotlight: High Energy Hip Hop

High Energy Hip HopCompass has a new class to get kids moving mid-day! Founder and lead artist Shona Colglazier of Urban Kangaroo is bringing her high-energy, kid-friendly Hip Hop program to Compass this fall!

Kids will be up and moving to the latest pop and hip hop music using rated E (for everyone) songs selected from clean, radio-edits of popular music, KidzBop tracks, or the instructor’s own digital edits of hits. Hip hop is a style that accommodates kids who have not danced before and those who don’t want the structure of more traditional dance formats while providing a fun, creative physical and cardio work out.

Each class includes a warm-up and isolation movements as well as cardio workouts with age-appropriate choreography.  Each class includes a dance related-game like hip hop limbo, freeze dancing, and follow the dance leader. Each week, the dance instructor will introduce an aspect of hip hop culture such as the graffiti art form, famous DJs, MCing, and different styles of hip hop. Finally, students will work on a group routine that will be performed for parents in a showcase at the end of the quarter.

High Energy Hip Hop is offered at 12:00 pm on Wednesdays starting September 7. The class is targeted for students in grades 4 – 7. Registration is ongoing.

Summer Spotlight