Summer Spotlight: Environmental Science Class

  • A critical water shortage in Cape Town.
  • Catastrophic flash floods in Colombia.
  • Widespread wild fires in California.
  • Want to understand these phenomena while learning about water quality, air pollution, and renewal energy sources? Take Environmental Science next year at Compass!

    Environmental Science is an interdisciplinary study that merges the fields of geology, biology, chemistry, meteorology with geography, politics, economics, and sociology. This lab-intensive class is being taught at 3 levels: AP, Honors, and On-Level for high school students (grades 9-12, motivated 8th graders welcome). Environmental Science is a year-long class that meets on Wednesdays at Compass starting September 12.

    Read a full class description and see the instructor’s profile online. Register for Environmental Science or any of Compass’s more than 120 homeschool classes online.