Save Now: Historical Swordsmanship Class for Homeschoolers

Historical Swordsmanship for 3rd-8th graders is one of this week’s featured classes! Save 10% off the tuition for this class through Sunday, August 25 at midnight!

The discount applies to both fall quarters- Two Handed Sword (1st quarter) and Intro to the Rapier (2nd quarter). The class is taught by Virginia Academy of Fencing.

Description: “Students will explore the sword arts the way they were originally practiced on the dueling grounds and battlefields of the Middle Ages and Renaissance! In the first quarter students will focus on the art of fencing with the two-handed sword of 14th and 15th centuries as they learn to fence like a knight of Medieval Europe, and will learn the basic stance, footwork, attacks, defenses, and strategies for fencing with the two-handed sword. By the end of the course students will be able to both fence and referee matches (called “bouts”) with each other, as well as understand the history and context of historical swordsmanship with the two-handed sword. Historical swordsmanship recreates the techniques used by fencers who lived before the modern sport was created, bringing these fighting arts to life in a safe and fun environment. Protective masks, jackets and safety tipped swords are used, and make fencing one of the safest martial art. It is a fun, physical workout as well as an educational experience. Historical Swordsmanship will continue 2nd quarter with an introduction to the rapier and dagger.”

This class is taught from 3:00 pm-  3:55 am at Compass in Oakton starting September 11.

The tuition is discounted from $227.00 to $204.30!

Take a look at the Compass fall schedule! 96 classes are offered 1st and 2nd quarter for homeschooled students in K-9th grade. There are many all-new, innovative classes and returning favorites in:

  • Latin, French, Spanish, Mandarin, Writing, Public Speaking
  • Science, Technology, Robotics, Fabrication, Programming, Math
  • Art, Music, Drama, Dance, Mosaics, Comics, Singing, Guitar
  • Historical Swordsmanship, Fitness/Running, Chess, Cooking
  • Civics, Medieval History, Geography

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