Reminder: Town Hall Meeting Tonight: High School Class Options

REMINDER: Compass is holding a “town hall meeting” this Thursday evening, April 2, to receive feedback on expanding to offer high school classes! Parents with rising or current high school students are invited to participate in this roundtable discussion. We want to hear what you are looking for in high school classes!

 Thursday Evening, April 2

6:00 pm- 8:30 pm

Oakton Library

Community Room #2

For three years, we have gotten weekly requests to expand and offer high school level classes. This is under consideration for a future term, possibly as early as fall 2015. But before we spend the time to develop higher level classes, we want to hear what the community is looking for!

Questions to be discussed:

  • What makes a good high school class?
  • What are high school families looking for from Compass?
  • What subjects/ topics are most needed?
  • For what grade levels and level of rigor?
  • Enrichment classes or core requirements?
  • How often and for how long should classes meet?
  • Involvement: how much/how often for homework, projects, tests, or combo?
  • Documentation: Credit hours, grades, transcripts, and reporting?
  • Other topics of interest to attendees…

RSVP to: so we know how many to set up for

Your rising or current high school student is welcome to attend to listen or to chime in. Feel free to stop by for as long as you are available. Come late or leave early to share your vision and your high school needs. If you are not able to attend, please send an e-mail with some of your thoughts.