Pull Invasive Species Plants at Compass on Wednesday/ Community Service

The UUCF landscaping committee has asked Compass to help beautify the campus this Wednesday, September 27, by pulling invasive species plants. As part of an ongoing effort to improve the landscaping and indigenous plantings we enjoy when playing outdoors at Compass, we need families to help get rid of pesky invasive plants which can threaten native species.

10:00 am:  Talk on invasive species plants

10:00 am – 3:00 pm: Pull invasive plants


  • Anyone can help for any length of time.
  • Meet in the side yard (between the Program Building and Administration Building) before or after classes or during your breaks.
  • Learn what an invasive species is and how they can threaten our native plants and animals.
  • Learn how to identify Japanese Stiltgrass at Compass and in your own yard.
  • Learn how to safety dispose of non-native plants.
  • Help pull and discard the Japanese Stiltgrass that shouldn’t be there.
  • Written material will be posted for people to learn about the project and its importance.

Keep track of the hours you work! This activity can count towards community service for the President’s Volunteer Service Award, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, or other civic initiatives. Ask the volunteer coordinator for a volunteer hours note for your records.

Bring some gardening gloves from home! Long pants and sturdy, closed-toe shoes are recommended. A hat, sunscreen, and/or insect repellent is also recommended.