New Year, New Classes at Compass (Start Jan. 13)

Happy New Year! What NEW things are you going to do in your homeschool this year? Compass has dozens of interesting, innovative 8-week classes starting mid January to enrich your homeschooling! Classes are for homeschoolers in K – 12th grade, and new families are welcome to join mid-year. Please take a moment to check out…..

Classes for kids who like to build & create:

Classes for kids who like to perform:

  • Acting: Beloved Books Brought to Life
  • Acting Experience: Alice in Wonderland
  • Acting Unscripted: Impressive Improve
  • Music Makers: Tempos
  • Public Speaking: Historical Narratives
  • Stage Combat: Stunning Sword Scenes
  • The Total Musical Performer

Classes for kids who love science:

  • Dissection Lab: Organs
  • Earth Explorers: Ocean Worlds
  • Jr. Chemist: Chemical Reactions
  • Living World: Microscopic Universe
  • Oceanography: Exploring the Abyss
  • Physics: Sparks! (Electricity & Magnetism)

Computer and programming classes for kids:

  • Code Lab: Scratch Projects with Makey-Makey
  • Coding for Kids: Games
  • Jr. Robotics: Space Battles
  • MultiMedia: Special Effects in Film Making
  • Python Programming: Cave Adventure
  • Robotics Challenge: Command Base Mars

Classes for kids who enjoy math challenges:

  • Explorations in Extreme Math
  • Math Masterminds
  • Playing with Math: The Number Devil
  • Real Life Math: Geometry

Classes for kids to learn a new language:

  • French for Fun
  • Mandarin for Beginners
  • Spanish Amigos
  • Spanish Conversation for Kids

New ways to look at history/social sciences:

  • 3D History: Allied Invasion of Europe: Battle of the Bulge
  • A Kid’s Guide to the Presidency
  • Battle Strategies & Dioramas: WWI- US Marines in Belleau Wood, France
  • Mission Possible: Global Solutions 2040
  • Presidential Powers: Analysis and Debate

Just for Fun!

  • Chess (3 levels)
  • CrossFit Kids
  • Cooking: Winter Warm-Ups (4 levels)
  • Fencing for Beginners: Epee
  • Intro to Digital Photography
  • Word Masters: Verbal Analogies & Vocab Challenges

Compass classes offer a great opportunity for kids to get together, socialize, become involved in extracurricular interests and to experiment with new topics. Winter quarter has special events and activities planned such as the Greater Fairfax Geography Bee, Spelling Bee and Jr. Bee, and Family Talent and Art Show.

See the Compass website for full class descriptions, ages/grades and flexible placement guidelines, schedule/times, and online registration. Classes meet in Oakton on Wednesdays (most) and Fridays (high school). Wednesday classes start on 1/13/16, and Friday classes start on 1/15/16.

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