New: Reading Ready! at Compass in January

Has reading gotten rocky? Compass is introducing a new program: Reading Ready! this January for children who have hit a reading roadblock. If your child is resisting, rejecting, or resenting your attempts at reading instruction, it might be time for some innovation and intervention with specialist Catherine Vanlandingham. She will be working with small reading groups of 3-5 children.

For most early elementary learners, Reading Ready! can serve as either a supplement to another at-home reading program or as a complete, self-contained language arts curriculum for students who are at a 2nd-4th grade level equivalent. Reading Ready! groups will meet on Mondays for 55 minutes. Students will continue to practice language arts skills at home with easy-to-implement “page a day” activities assigned by the instructor and implemented by the parents. The instructor has experience working with reluctant and fearful readers, late bloomers, neurodivergent, dyslexic, and ESOL students.

The instructor will assign students to the Red group (12:00 pm), Yellow group (1:00 pm), or Blue group (2:00 pm) after conducting a fun, 30-minute, virtual screening with each child before the start of classes. For more information on the Reading Ready! program or to register, click HERE.