New Junior Art Studio Class Opened!

Compass has great news! We are going to open a new section of Junior Art Studio with Miss Kerry! Her 11:00am class has been so popular that a lot of kiddos have been wait-listed and missed out on taking art. We have had a change in room assignments and can now invite her to teach a second class at 10:00am.

Our Junior Artists work with a wide variety of media such as tempera paint, various papers, color pencils, markers, tissue paper, translucent tracing paper, cray pas, oil pastels, charcoals, and watercolors. Each week they learn about an artist or genre and create a project in the style of the artist while experiencing a variety of colors, patterns, and textures. Junior Art Studio is for kiddos in kindergarten (minimum age 5) through 2nd grade.

Starting next Wednesday, our Junior Artists will explore seascape art- the ocean and its animals- from artists such as John Groves, Jim Holland and Natasha Nazareako. Weekly art projects will use a selection of materials and techniques and will highlight lighthouses, ocean animals and seascapes.

If your child would like to join us for Junior Art Studio, you can register for the new 10:00 am class online. Don’t wait- classes begin Wednesday, October 31.