Mobile Maker Lab Comes to Compass this Fall

Student inventors, tinkerers, crafters, and builders will love the “Mobile Maker Lab” this fall! A Maker Lab is a workshop brought to life each week in a large atrium at Compass!

Learn to use a PVC cutter, a hack saw, or try your hand at soldering. Students will work with real hand tools and building materials. The lab will be stocked with the essentials to cut, shape, join, solder, drill and modify wood, foam, or plastic, along with basic electronic components like switches, LEDs, batteries, mini motors, and conductors. Makers will have an array of fasteners, connectors, and adhesives on hand.

Student builders will tinker, explore, design, and build one or more unique projects of his/her own interest at his/her own pace. Maker coaches will demonstrate new tools, suggest possible materials, assist with design or construction details, and encourage problem solving.

Time in the Maker Lab will be free-build under the guidance of the coaches. The Maker Lab will be open on Wednesdays from 2:00 pm- 2:55 pm and 3:00 pm – 3:55 pm, and is targeted for kids in 4th-8th grade. Students who enjoy working longer, getting more detailed, or digging deeper into their projects may want to register for both hours of Maker Lab. Register for the Maker Lab and other classes online!

Mobile Maker Space Photo Strip