Introducing the new 2017-18 Science & Technology Teaching Team!

Compass is excited to announce its new Science and Technology teaching team for the 2017-18 school year! Look at the experience in industry, teaching, and educational background of our science and technology instructors and the expanded selection of classes for homeschooled students!


Beaker IconDan Brockwell of Generation Code:”Website Development: Coding HTML, CSS, and JavaScript” (7th-12th grade)


Beaker IconDan Gallagher of RobotWorks: “Robotics Fab Lab: Mars Rover Challenge” (4th – 6th grade); “Build It Better! Simple Machine Contraptions” (3rd-5th grade); and  “Engineering Workshop: Build a Drone” (6th-8th grade)


Beaker IconDonna Shackelford of Supernova Science: “Macro Biology Lab Intensive” (9th-12th grade); “Extreme Animal Kingdom: Life Cycles” (5th-6th grade); “What’s the Matter? Solids and Polymers” (1st-2nd grade); “CSI Forensic Science: Analysis” (7th-8th grade) and “Up Close! Micro Investigator” (3rd-4th grade)


Beaker Icon Dr. Edward Max: Science of the Senses: Light and Vision, from Eye to Brain (5th-6th grade)


 Beaker IconFutureMakers: “Mobile Maker Labs” (4th-8th grade)


Beaker IconJuan Urista of AviationEd: “Aviation Science: The Physics of Flight” (7th-8th grade)


Beaker IconDr. Karleen Boyle Sudol of The Science Place: “Experimental Methods & Design: Animal Behavior” (7th-8th grade); “Marine Biology: Oceanography” (5th-6th grade); “Who Wants to Be a Scientist? Paleontology, Geology & Field Biology (1st -2nd grade) and “Eco System Expedition: Global Weather & Geography” (3rd-4th grade)


Beaker IconDr. Kathleen Olsen: “Veterinary Science: Medical Mysteries” (8th-12th grade)


Beaker IconPlayWell Teknologies: “Pre-Engineering with LEGO” (K-2nd grade); “Fundamentals of Engineering with LEGO” (3rd-5th grade)


Beaker IconRoman Dadiomoff of STEAMium Education: “3D Design & Print Studio” (6th-8th grade); “Minecraft Mod Masters: Bits & Bricks” (4th-6th); and “Coding Fun: Intro to Scratch Programming” (2nd-4th grade)


Beaker Icon Sudhita Kasturi “Science Analyst”(6th-8th grade)

Compass thanks Ideaventions for five years of quality STEM instruction and congratulates the Ideaventions team on the continued growth of their private school.

Science Photo Strip