Interactive Crusades and Conquests Class Starts Jan. 11

First Crusade, Second Crusade…so how many were there? Historians don’t even agree! Did you know that there was a group of crusaders led by a mad village woman who followed her goose into battle? Students will examine the real stories behind the Crusades and understand their impact on the medieval (and modern) world.

Students will be immersed in detail and fully engaged in this intensive, hands-on history course led by well-known homeschool instructor and historian Hugh Gardner. Mr. Gardner uses vivid posters, maps, charts, and artifacts in every class. Students will be able to examine and handle antique and reproduction weapons and military accoutrements of the era (swords, shields, helmets, armor, daggers, spears, and more) while learning how these tools helped shape the battlefields and turning points in history. Famous and lesser-known historical characters are brought to life through Mr. Gardner’s story telling style. Students will be introduced to the art, music, and literature of the times in addition to warfare and politics. With an emphasis on primary sources, students will study historical atlases and original writings, all in a fun and interactive setting. Students will also play period games and earn historical trading cards for class participation.

Historical Illuminations: Crusades and Conquests” meets for 2.5 hours on Wednesdays (9:30 am – 11:55 am) starting January 11. It is a 16-week long class. The class is geared towards students in 7th – 12th grade, but advanced 6th graders may enroll. Register online for this class or others.