Help the Homeless Through Compass

During Compass’s winter week off, the UUCF church is converted to a hypothermia shelter for the area’s homeless. Once again they have asked  Compass families to contribute items for our homeless neighbors. On January 18, 20, 25 and 27 we will be taking donations of:

  • Packs of new adult underwear and undershirts
  • Packs of new adult socks
  • Gently used adult coats, jackets, gloves, scarves, and hats
  • Gently used adult shoes or boots (not formal or dressy)
  • Gently used adult pants, jeans, sweaters, sweatshirts, long sleeve shirts (not formal or dressy)
  • Back packs or duffle bags
  • Packs of new washcloths
  • Incontinence & feminine hygiene products
  • Board games, puzzles, playing cards, and magazines

Note: children’s items are not needed, as families with children do not stay in this shelter.

Please bring your contributions to the Compass front desk. Receipts for your tax-deductible donations are available.  As a reminder, Compass classes do not meet this year on February 1 or February 3 while the facilities are used to shelter the area homeless.

Photo- Coats for Hypothermia Shelter