Fun Winter Classes for Younger Kids!

Burrr! When it is too cold for park days and too wet for playgrounds this winter, Compass has some great options for little kids’ classes! Compass has over 80 classes for homeschoolers starting in January, including more than a dozen classes for younger students, in grades K – 2nd (ages 5-7).

Help pass the winter with an 8-week class in science, robotics, music, art, acting or a beginning foreign language. All classes are hands-on, interactive fun. Options include:

  • Cooking: Kinder Kitchen (K – 1st) 9:00 am
  • Jr. Jedi Engineering with LEGO (K- 2nd)  10:00 am NEW
  • Living World: Microscopic Universe (1st-2nd)  10:00 am
  • Acting: Beloved Books Brought to Life (K-1st) 11:00 am
  • French for Fun (1st-3rd) 11:00 am
  • Coding for Kids: Games (1st-2nd) 11:00 am  NEW
  • Spanish Amigos (K – 2nd)  12:00 pm
  • Living World: Microscopic Universe (1st-2nd)  12:00 pm
  • Art: Drawing with Color & Texture (1st & 2nd)  12:00 pm NEW
  • Music Makers (1st – 3rd) 2:00 pm
  • Arabic for Little Kids (K – 2nd)2:00 pm
  • Jr. Robotics: Space Battles (1st – 2nd) 3:00 pm
  • Cooking for Little Kids (1st – 2nd) 3:00 pm
  • Maker Lab: Soft Circuit Fabrics (1st-3rd) NEW

See the Compass website for the full class descriptions, complete schedule, classes for older kids, and registration information. An early registration discount of 10% is offered for registrations completed by December 18. All classes are held in Oakton and start on Wednesday, January 13!

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