Fun, Interactive French and Spanish Classes for Young Students!

Hands-on, experiential learning for foreign language? Absolutely! Check out “French for Fun” or  “Spanish Amigos” at Compass for younger students in K-3rd grade!

These small-group, introductory foreign language classes are especially fun in the spring when students may go on a nature walk to learn outdoor vocabulary (trees, flowers, caterpillar, or playground); play outdoor games like French/Spanish “Simon Says” to learn action verbs; or prepare treats in the kitchen to learn words for foods and ingredients. Each class is fun and interactive with songs, stories, and games to teach vocabulary and common phrases. “French for Fun” and “Spanish Amigos” are designed to lay foundations and build confidence in a foreign language!

These are 8-week classes that begin March 30 at Compass in Oakton. Registration is still open. French for Fun is taught from 11:00  – 11:55 am. Spanish Amigos is taught from 12:00 – 12:55 pm.

See the Compass website for more details!


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