Featured: Engineering Classes for Kids

Compass has engineering classes for kids who like to take apart and build things back!

Kids are natural engineers! Who doesn’t like to imagine, sketch, cut, tape, glue, fasten, form, shape, mold, stack, link, and construct only to measure, test, bend, break, throw, twist, fly, stretch, squash, and then build it all over again? Kids will learn the STEM design process: brainstorm, design, build, test, and modify to meet the class challenge. This winter Compass has several engineering classes for kids:

  • Engineering for Kids: Aviation Challenge: build and fly model planes, parachutes, and gliders. Test wing design and nose cone shapes. (2 levels: 11am, 12pm)
  • Engineering Extreme Structures- Bridge Build Lab: build and load test a variety of bridges: arched, trussed, and suspension out of everyday materials (11am)
  • Jr. Engineering: Colossal Construction with LEGO: build giant construction vehicles and super machines; collaborate to build a towering skyscraper, a massive waterfront development, or a hulking space station all out of everyone’s favorite plastic bricks! (2pm)
  • Robot Fab Lab: Sumo Bots: build and program battlebots with Mindstorms motors and sensors and then test your battlebot against others. (2pm)
  • Classes begin this Wednesday, January 9, at Compass in Oakton. See full class descriptions and age/grade ranges online. Register for Kids’ Engineering classes and all other classes online today.