Featured Classes: Algebra I and Pre-Algebra Skill Builders

Quick! Pop Quiz! Do you remember:

  • Integers
  • Factoring polynomials
  • Transitive property for inequality
  • Quadratic formula

Algebra Strip 1

Are you crystal clear and ready to teach your child:

  • Slope formula
  • Linear inequalities
  • Inverse variation
  • y-Intercept 

Algebra Strip 2

Most high schools and colleges will expect your child to have studied a complete course in algebra:

  • Squaring a binomial
  • Multiplying exponents
  • Transformation of functions
  • Scatter plots

Algebra Strip 3

If you are not prepared to tackle this important high school subject at home, and your child would benefit with an in-person instructor and classmates, Compass has a full-year course in Algebra I! The class is open to students in 7th-10th grade, and meets on Wednesdays and Fridays at 12:00 pm for 30 weeks starting September 6.

If your child is not quite ready for Algebra but has completed 7th grade math, consider the series of Pre-Algebra Skill-Builders classes. Students can register by 7- or 8- week focused topics.

Pre-Algebra Skill Builders (Computational) Wednesdays at 2:00 pm

  • Fractions, Rates & Ratios (1st quarter)
  • Decimals & Percentages (2nd quarter)
  • Geometry (3rd quarter)
  • Exponents/Orders of Magnitude (4th quarter)

Pre-Algebra Skill Builders (Conceptual) Fridays at 2:00 pm

  • Order of Operations & Algebraic Properties (1st quarter)
  • Inequalities & Number Line (2nd quarter)
  • Graphing (3rd quarter)
  • Equations & Variables (4th quarter)

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