Featured Class: Everyday Spanish Conversation for Teens

Teens bored with online class

Trying to learn a foreign language for high school? You can’t talk to your online Spanish computer program, textbook or app! You need real people to practice speaking with! How about learning Spanish by just hanging out with friends and… talking?

Everyday Spanish Conversation is a class for homeschooled teens based on fun and relevant Spanish conversation that they can use every day whether they are travelling, shopping, or going around town. This class is designed to build teens’ confidence as they practice a new language – out loud. Class discussions will be centered around things that students want to discuss and will incorporate the vocabulary and enough essential grammar to get the conversation started. This class encourages students to use their Spanish- even as brand-new speakers. This class can serve as an introduction for a new Spanish student or can be used to complement or supplement a more traditional Spanish language curriculum for an emerging speaker. Students who come to the class with more knowledge will be offered challenge words and phrases related to the week’s theme.

Everyday Spanish Conversation begins Friday, September 8, at Compass. The class is for students in 7th-12th grade. Register for this class and others online!