Featured Class: Context Considered- Current Events Through Political Cartoons

Not all political cartoons are political! Political cartoons are found throughout the media and tackle issues ranging from science, health, environment, technology, and sports, to social trends, relationships, and– even homeschooling.

In the new class, Context Considered, students will examine current events through political cartoons and satire. They will learn how to spot the persuasive techniques like symbolism, exaggeration, and analogy in order to decipher the cartoonist’s opinion on the issue and identify bias in reporting. The class will also watch some satirical video skits and listen to audio recordings (all material will be rated ‘E’ for everyone.)

Context Considered is an innovative, interactive approach to getting middle school kids interested in and following current events while teaching them important critical thinking skills! This is a 7-week class that meets on Wednesdays at 10:00 am starting September 6.

Register for this class and others online.

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