Featured Class: Aviation Science- The Physics of Flight

Soar into the fascinating field of aviation science in this unique middle school STEM class! This multidisciplinary class provide a real-world context for applied physics, technology, even meteorology and math! Students will work with a professional aviator to:

  • Use laptop aviation simulators and aircraft controls
  • Learn aircraft piloting skills and rules of the sky
  • Determine compass headings
  • Calculate speed, time, distance
  • Plot a course using aviation maps
  • Experiment with the aerodynamics of aircraft and wing design
  • Learn and test the forces of flight (lift, thrust, drag, and weight)
  • Test Bernoulli s Laws of air pressure
  • Uncover the physics of stalls and spins
  • Examine weather conditions and predictions and determine if suitable for flight
  • Plan and execute a virtual, multi-leg cross country flight!

Emphasis will be on understanding the physics concepts and applied technologies in aviation. While some formulas may be demonstrated, the class does not include an intensive math component.

This is a semester-long (14 week) class that meets from 1:00 – 1:55 pm on Fridays and begins on September 8 at Compass. The class is suggested for 7th-8th graders, but motivated 6th graders and interested 9th graders are encouraged to enroll.

Register for this class and others online.

Physic of Flight Photo Strip