Early Registration Will Re-Open at 10:00 am!

Great news! Early registration for fall Compass classes will re-open this morning at 10:00am! The entire Compass website and registration engine has moved to a new hosting service that is very robust and provides the new capacity we need for the growing demand at registration time.

People will be very pleased to see that 81 classes are still open! Because registrations were at a stand-still and the site was off-line, we did not have a bunch of classes fill up quickly! Everyone has a new chance to go back in and browse available classes and make their selections.

If you were one of the lucky few who got registrations in before the system was taken off line, you do not need to register again. If you received an e-mail confirmation that says, “Thank you for registering for Compass Classes! Registration Summary” your class(es) should be confirmed and logged in. If you have any doubt and want to double-check, e-mail admin@compassclasses.com

We appreciate everyone’s patience with this challenge and extend tremendous gratitude to our web developers and system archtiect who have not slept yet!