Don’t Wait! Mandarin Chinese Classes Beginning at Compass

More than 1 Billion People Speak Mandarin Chinese, Shouldn’t You?

Compass offers Beginner and Advanced Beginner classes in Mandarin Chinese for homeschooled kids. Classes are held on Wednesdays, and the next session starts October 31!

Kids have fun with Chinese! Studies show that it is no more difficult to learn than any other foreign language. Like other languages, the younger children are when they begin to learn a language, the more authentically they can reproduce these sounds. Written Chinese characters can be fun for kids who like patterns, pictures, and decoding.

Mandarin is taught in small group classes with an engaging native speaker who incorporates projects, games, songs, and stories each week. Language instruction is presented in a natural learning sequence beginning with nouns (such as colors, numbers, clothing, foods, animals, days/dates, family, etc.), and simple greetings. Aspects of Chinese culture such as holidays, foods, and traditions are woven into the interactive classes.

At Compass, Advanced Beginners typically have 20-30 hours of casual, prior Mandarin instruction. Emphasis in Advanced Beginners is on reading, writing, and speaking Mandarin, building vocabulary, and increasing the student’s personal “library” of written Chinese characters.

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