Deadline Approaching! Time for Kids, NatGeo Explorer Student Magazine Subscriptions

Order your 2014-2015 student magazine subscriptions today! Kids love checking the “mailbox” and receiving their magazines at Compass. The group order will be placed on Thursday, July 31!

Compass is coordinating group subscriptions for student magazines available only through schools. There are four reading levels of NatGeo Explorer and four levels of Time for Kids plus Time’s Around the World magazines are available. Subscribe now!

All eight editions are full color, contain no advertisements, and make a great supplement for homeschoolers. The magazines have interesting, relevant content and online resources for educators. Use them for brief assignments on busy days and as entertainment in the car. They work well for reading comprehension, short assignments, mini unit studies, current events, vocabulary words, short reports…and just for fun. Order different editions for your different children!

See the Compass Store  for details about the magazines including the grade levels, number of pages, issues, frequency, and year’s subscription price.

  • NatGeo Young Explorer (K-1st reading level)
  • NatGeo Explorer- Pioneer Edition (2nd-3rd grade reading level)
  • NatGeo Explorer- Pathfinder Edition (4th-6th grade reading level)
  • NatGeo Extreme Explorer (6th-12th grade reading level)
  • Time for Kids (K-1st reading level)
  • Time for Kids + Around the World (2nd grade reading level)
  • Time for Kids + Around the World (3rd-4th grade reading level)
  • Time for Kids + Around the World (5th-6th grade reading level

Magazines will be distributed at Compass throughout the year in our hanging file folder “mailbox”. Families do not need to attend classes at Compass to subscribe to magazines, however they will need to make periodic pick-ups in Oakton or coordinate with a family who attends Compass classes.


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