Compass Teen Fridays!

Compass Teen Fridays

Starting in September, unique classes are offered just for teens on Fridays at Compass. Enjoy a laid back day with unique, in-depth, experiential high school classes and highly qualified instructors, for teens only! Hang out with other teen homeschoolers, use the study hall, network with instructors…even order a pizza! Teens can be dropped off for the day.

Compass Classes for high schoolers are designed around rich, challenging topics that can be used to fulfill high school credit requirements. Some classes represent full course content, while others are topics that that can be applied as part of a high school credit. Compass high school classes are envisioned as part of a family-directed course of study. Some classes are quarter long (7- 8 weeks), while others are semester long (14-16 weeks) or year-long topics (30 weeks). High school students receive priority registration to ensure they get the classes they need. Read more about our high school approach.

Compass high school instructors include a professor of history from Northern Virginia Community College, a writing coach, an attorney and docent at the Supreme Court, a military strategist, degreed mathematician and scientists, an artist, a stunt artist/fight choreographer, and a research librarian. A homeschool “guidance counselor” will be available by appointment to advise Compass high school families on topics such as transcript development, dual enrollment, placement tests, and college application.

Compass Teen  Friday Classes, Fall 2015:

  • 3D History: Allied Invasion of Europe: D-Day, Pointe du Hoc: a detailed examination of a pivotal WWII battle using a large, museum-quality diorama and a military strategy simulation game. (partial American History or elective history credit) 


  •  Algebra I with the Art of Problem Solving (Wednesday & Friday) A complete high school Algebra I course based on The Art of Problem Solving, Introduction to Algebra text. Includes 1 hour, weekly algebra math lab in addition to classroom instruction. (full Algebra I credit)


  • Algebra II with the Art of Problem Solving (Wednesday & Friday) A complete high school Algebra II course based on The Art of Problem Solving, Intermediate Algebra text. Includes 1 hour, weekly algebra math lab in addition to classroom instruction.(full Algebra II credit)


  • Active Chemistry: Matter & the Elements (Wednesday & Friday) a high school-level, project- and lab- based chemistry curriculum. Weekly lecture and lab sessions that follow the It’s About Time/National Science Foundation Active Chemistry curriculum.   (full Chemistry credit)


  • Information Master: High School Research Fundamentals: discover the “research cycle” and become savvy consumers of information while learning how to define what information is needed, how to access print and electronic resources (academic search engines, scholarly databases, online journals, etc.), evaluate the credibility and accuracy of a source, avoid plagiarism, and create bibliographies. (partial English or elective credit)


  • Introduction to Writing Criticism: Writing About Film: Learn to write the genre of literary criticism starting with film (examining characters, settings, plot, tone, sound, camera angles, lighting, and editing). Practice discussing the medium and then form and write an academic opinion. Subsequent quarters continue to develop this writing style with short works, poetry, and art/music. (partial high school English/composition credit)


  • Supreme Court 101: Inside the Highest Court: Taught by a Supreme Court insider! Examine the judicial branch, how the Court operates, what cases are heard, how cases are decided, and how decisions become law. Discuss and analyze landmark cases and recent controversies and backgrounds of currents justices. (partial American Government or Civics credit)


  • Stage Combat Skills: Fantastic Fisticuffs: Learn the art of unarmed stage combat from a professional stunt artist, actor, and fight choreographer. Learn how to create the illusion of violence for theater and film with basic punches, slaps, and chokes, and how to choreograph a realistic one-on-one fight or group brawl. (partial PE or elective credit)


 Wednesday High School Classes, Fall 2015:

Additional class choices for homeschooled high school students on Wednesdays:

  • Acting Transformations: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (partial arts elective)
  • Arguing Your Case: Structuring Logical Debate (partial American Government, Civics, or elective credit)
  • Art Drawing Essentials (partial arts elective)
  • First Amendment Law: Analysis & Application (partial American Government, Civics, or elective credit)
  • Historical Illuminations: Rome’s Military Machine through the Age of Arthur (partial World History credit)
  • SAT Math Skills & Strategies (partial math or elective credit)

See the Compass website for detailed class descriptions, schedule, and online registration.

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