Compass Fall Classes for High School Students Still Open!

As you are finalizing fall homeschool plans for your high school-aged student, don’t forget that Compass now offers more than a dozen upper level classes for 8th-12th grade students! Fall classes start September 9, and registration is still open!

Compass Classes for teens are designed around rich, challenging topics that can be used to fulfill high school requirements. Compass high school classes are envisioned as part of a family-directed course of study. Compass offers mix-and-match flexibility and a-la-carte registration with Wednesday-only classes, Friday-only classes, and Wednesday/Friday classes for older students. Some classes are quarter long (7- 8 weeks), while others are semester long (14-16 weeks), but all are part of a year-long (30 week) series/theme. Classes include:

Wednesday/Friday Classes:

  • Introduction to Writing Criticism: Writing About Film
  • Active Chemistry: Matter & the Elements
  • Algebra I with the Art of Problem
  • Algebra II with the Art of Problem Solving

Friday Only Classes:

  • Stage Combat Skills: Fantastic Fisticuffs
  • Information Master: High School Research Fundamentals
  • 3D History: Allied Invasion of Europe: D-Day, Pointe du Hoc

Wednesday Only Classes:

  • Actor’s Workshop: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
  • SAT Math Skills & Strategies
  • Art: Drawing Essentials
  • Arguing Your Case: Structuring Logical Debate
  • First Amendment Law: Analysis & Application
  • Historical Illuminations: Rome’s Military Machine through the Age of Arthur

Compass high school instructors include a PhD scientist, a professor of history from Northern Virginia Community College, a writing coach, an attorney, a military strategist, degreed mathematician, an artist, a stunt artist/fight choreographer, and a research librarian. A homeschool “guidance counselor” will be available by appointment to advise Compass high school families on topics such as transcript development, dual enrollment, placement tests, and college applications.

Compass Teen Fridays



Compass Teen Fridays: Fridays at Compass are for teens only. Enjoy a laid-back day with unique, in-depth, experiential high school classes and highly qualified instructors. Hang out with other teen homeschoolers, use the study hall, network with instructors…even order a pizza! Teens can be dropped off for the day.

See the Compass website for detailed class descriptions, schedule, and online registration. High school students receive priority registration to ensure they get the classes they need. Read more about the Compass high school approach.

Help spread the word about Compass high school classes– please forward this to friends who homeschool high school!