Compass Classes Will be Held Today!

Compass classes will be held today! Our interpretation of various weather reports is that the Oakton area will receive only a dusting to light snow and that icing is not expected.


In studying the weather predictions of Accuweather,, NOAA, the Capital Weather Gang, and other sources, this system is being described as “fast moving” and “ending quickly” with dry air. VDOT trucks have been treating roads since 4:00 am. Compass’s 10:00 am start time represents a built-in delay, so we feel there is sufficient time and decent enough conditions for everyone to safely commute to Compass. Ultimately each family must make its own decision to travel based on actual conditions in their own area, but Compass will be open today.


Compass does not strictly follow the lead of large area school systems who have earlier start times and fleets of giant buses. This weather system is marginal enough, there is not even a consensus among areas schools and private academies. While some have closed, others are on one and two hour delays.


We look forward to seeing everyone for the first day of winter classes!