Compass Classes Begin in 1 Week…Will You Be There?

Oh-no! Tomorrow is the start of September! Do you know what you doing for homeschooling this year? Compass classes begin just one week on Wednesday, September 7. Registration is still open! Last minute, same day, and late registrations are accepted when other programs have already “closed their doors!”

If you have some gaps in your curriculum, want your child to try an in-person, small group class or explore a new topic, try Compass this fall! Compass offers enrichment classes for homeschooled students in K-12. We have a great year planned with innovative classes, special events, community programs, academic clubs and contests, and social opportunities. Most classes are just 7 weeks long!

Compass still has openings in several dozen classes, but don’t wait, because many have only 1 or 2 seats remaining! Following is a partial list of the available classes by category: 


  • Acting: Director’s Chair- From Page to Stage
  • Acting: Scenes for Teens- The Princess Bride
  • Acting: Readers Theater: Athena to Zeus Mythology Skits
  • Beginning String Orchestra
  • High Energy Hip Hop


  • Spanish (three age/grade levels)
  • ASL (two age/grade levels)
  • French (two age/grade levels)
  • Mandarin Chinese (two skill levels)


  • Drum Jam with Kofi: Beginning Rhythms
  • Music-Makers- Rhythms
  • Modern Mosaics
  • Art: Fundamentals of Drawing with Charcoal and Color


  • Nature Quest: Adventurers
  • Jr. Robotics: Ninjas
  • Robotics: Design Engineering- Space Challenge
  • Intro to Probability & Statistics
  • Math Challenges: Games, Puzzles & Brain Teasers


  • 3D History: The Rise of Japan- WWII in the Pacific
  • Historical Illuminations: Medieval Upheaval
  • Battle Strategies & Dioramas: The Conquerors- Alexander the Great in 333 BCE


  • Information Masters: Research Fundamentals (two age/grade levels)
  • Money Matters: Personal Finance
  • Cooking: Fall Fare with Flare (four levels)
  • Smart Start: Thinking Fun for Young Learners


  • Chess (two skill levels)
  • CrossFit Kids
  • Word Masters: Verbal Analogies and Vocab Challenges


  • Algebra I with the Art of Problem Solving
  • Geometry: Euclid and the Art of Problem Solving
  • PreCalculus: The Art of Problem Solving
  • Biology Lab Intensive
  • Literary Criticism: Doubling Discourse- Shakespeare
  • Introduction to Comparative Religion: Eastern Faiths
  • Philosophically Speaking

Compass classes meet in Oakton. Most classes are held on Wednesdays, but a few high school classes meet on Fridays for a special teens-only day at Compass! See the website for more information about the Compass community, class descriptions, our flexible age/grade policy, instructor profiles, class fees, and fully integrated online registration. Compass accepts payment by check, credit card, or non-interest financing through PayPal.