Battle Strategies & Dioramas: New Spring Class Added

So many students were clamoring to take this spring’s “Battle Strategies & Dioramas: WWII, Battle of the Bulge” class, that we have added another section of the class! Registration is now open for an additional class from 4:00 – 4:55 pm. This is an 8-week class for students in 5th-8th grade that begins on Wednesday, March 25. Following is the description of this unique class opportunity:


“Students will engage in a hands-on 3D battle strategy game using the military dioramas that they make! Using artistic model-making techniques, hand tools, and historical maps, students will each form a 12 X 18 shaped, foam diorama with landscape elements (hills, valleys, rivers, ridges, vegetation, fences, etc) to represent a scene of a famous historical engagement. Students will each paint 10-15 1:72 scale miniature soldiers to populate their scene. Once individual projects are constructed, students will combine their dioramas alongside those of their classmates to approximate the larger battlefield terrain. Students will spend the remainder of the quarter learning about the tactics and outcomes of the military engagement while playing a table-top strategy game. Student strategists will use a simplified version of the Flames of War historical war gaming rule system for moving troops and equipment. Along with their classmates, students will see how a battle progressed and test different outcome scenarios that might have occurred with different battlefield choices.

The instructor will use maps and visual presentations to explain the historical background and circumstances leading up to the specific battle. Students will study the closing stages of WWII in Europe, specifically Hitler’s last attempt to throw the Western Allies back into the sea during the Battle of the Bulge. Students will finish the course with a conversational knowledge of mechanized warfare in WWII, the significance of Bastogne and the Ardennes, and a demonstrable knowledge of model making in the form of their personal diorama and army of miniature soldiers. Using these skills students should be able to moderate their own war games with each other and be able to explain to others the significance of the historical event. There is a $25.00 materials fee payable to the instructor on the first day of class.”


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