Announcing American History Alive! – The 1700s

Come face-to-face with famous Americans in American History Alive-the 1700s! Meet Thomas Jefferson, young Martha Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Patrick Henry, Molly Pitcher, George Washington, and John Adams! The American History Alive! series is a one-of-a-kind, weekly rendez-vous with key figures in American History. These characters are brought to life for students though engaging presentations by professional, costumed, living history interpreters. Students will connect faces, personalities, humor, and fun facts with influential characters in America’s history!

Living history interpreters are the professionals employed by museums, historical sites, and conferences. They have typically studied their historical character for years and tell their stories and contributions in a compelling first-person narrative. Presentations are conversational in style, often involve the audience, and conclude with spontaneous audience Q & A. Watch the historical actors answer 21st century questions in character with period replies!

American History Alive! meets at 10:00 am on Wednesdays at the Compass campus in Oakton. First quarter classes begin on Wednesday, September 10. Register online for this program. (Students younger than third grade or age 8 must be accompanied by a paying parent or adult.)

See the following link for profiles and credentials for the presenters:

American History Alive- 1st Quarter 2014

 Thomas Jefferson (as portrayed by Steven Edenbo of Philadephia) meets with Compass students in October 2012:

2012-10-10 Thomas Jefferson 8