Abracadabra! Calling Student Magicians!

Curious coins, baffling balls, confounding cards, and puzzling papers! Join professional magician and entertainer Joe Romano and his secret order of student magicians for a brand new magic class at Compass! Students will learn eight tricks from the Discover Magic Purple Wand curriculum. Kids love learning the “tricks” of the trade and showing them off to friends and family. Some of Joe’s student magicians have even entertained Compass audiences at the annual winter talent show.

But psssst, the secret we will share only with parents is what else kids learn in magic class! Kids learn confidence and beginning public speaking skills as they take turn performing each illusion in class in front of classmates. They learn to project their voices, make eye contact, and connect with their audience- all while having loads of fun. Student magicians receive high-quality magic props each week.

Ultimate Magic Academy: Perplexing Purple Wand meets on Wednesdays at 3:00 pm beginning this week. What could be better than starting a new magic class on Halloween! Register for magic and other classes online today!