2017 Valentine’s Exchange

Compass will hold its annual Valentines exchange on Wednesday, February 8. Students and siblings are invited to participate!

  • If your child(ren) plan to exchange Valentines, please sign up on 1/15 or reply to this e-mail with name and # of kids so we have an approximate count. (Remember, we do not have classes on 2/1 or 2/3, so we are taking sign-ups early this year.)
  • Each child should create a “mailbox” to receive Valentines. They should decorate and personalize a shoebox-sized box with paper, stickers, hearts, doilies, pictures, cut-outs, etc. Encourage your child to personalize them and design a mailbox that reflects his/her interests! Please cut at slot or flap in the top of the box at least 3/4″ – 1″ wide for others to drop in Valentines. Most children chose to put their names on their mailboxes.
  • Bring  approximately 60 gender-neutral Valentines addressed to “Friend” to place in other children’s boxes. (This is a preliminary estimate based on participation in past years. Once families have signed up, you will be e-mailed with an updated count.) Your child will not necessarily know whose box is whose when passing out Valentines, so it is very difficult to have boy and girl Valentines or ones addressed to specific individuals.
  • Valentines can be store bought or hand-made…your choice.
  • Please have your child sign the Valentines with at least his/her first name. Each family can decide if they are comfortable signing last names or other identifying information.
  • It is OK, but not required, to include candy, treats, or trinkets with the Valentines. Each family needs to communicate with their children what their own rules are for eating candy from their Valentines mailboxes. Please do not include treats with nuts.
  • The exchange of Valentines will take place from 11:00 am – 2:00 pm when we have the most people at Compass. If your child takes a later class, consider dropping his/her box off earlier in the day.
Here are some pictures of past Valentines exchanges to give you an idea!





vday4 vday5