Featured Class: Physics Phenomena Offered as Lab-Only or Full Course/Honors

Test a transformer. Make a microphone. Fabricate a photovoltaic cell. Operate an oscilloscope. Create illusions with lenses. Physics phenomena are found everywhere! High school students will explore these everyday occurrences in a semester-long, hands-on, lab-based physics program. Discover heat, temperature, sound, waves, light, optics, electricity, magnetism, and more!

Students may take this class as a lab-only enrichment class to introduce the concepts, to learn about the phenomena first-hand, and to practice lab protocols. Lab-only students will meet for 90 minutes on Fridays and will have no textbook, no homework, and no problem sets outside of lab.

Students may also take this as a full course (1/2 credit) at the honors level. Full course students will meet for 2 hours on Fridays and will have textbook readings and problem sets as homework.

Physics meets Fridays from 11:30 am – 12:55 pm (lab only) or 11:00 am – 12:55 pm (full course) starting January 11. Register for this class and others online.