Registration Information

Selecting Classes
  • Review the Schedule List to view class options by day, by grade, and by time.
  • Read the full Class Description, for day(s), times, recommended grade range, and prerequisites (for some)
  • Read class descriptions carefully to see whether the class meets one day or two days per week.
  • Check to see if one of those class meetings is held Hybrid with one virtual sessions (High School Biology, Physical Science, and Physics) or entirely Online (“Psychology: Case Studies in Neuropsychology and Cognition” and “Creating and Curating a Personal, Digital Portfolio”)
  • Check class descriptions to see if the class is one that is held at an Offsite Location (Swimming, ballet, Nature Quest, Outdoor Survivor, and Natural Leaders) and make sure you have the mid-day transportation to the location.
  • Review whether the class is quarter-long (generally 7-8 weeks), semester-long (13-16 weeks), or year-long (30 weeks).
  • Contact Compass with specific class questions.
Preparing for Registration
  • Set up a Family Profile if you do not already have one.
  • Make sure that all information in your Profile is up-to-date, most importantly, that you have updated you child(ren)’s grade for the upcoming school year.
  • Make sure you can log in. Reset password if you do not have a record of it.
  • Confirm that any credits you expect are in your Family Profile so you can use this at check-out. Current year credits expire May 31, 2023.
  • Review the current academic year Calendar.
  • Review all Compass Policies, in particular age/grade placement, class withdrawals and refunds.
  • For high school classes, read the Compass High School Program overview.
Time to Register
  • Log in to your Family Profile before registering.
  • Confirm you have selected the correct Class Section and Grade Level. Some classes are offered at different times for different grades, and some classes are offered on different days, all with the same name.
  • Registration for Lunch-N-Learn sessions are listed on a different page, but will add to your same cart for check-out.
  • Registration for quarter-long blocks of Private Lessons are listed on a different page, but will add to your same cart for check-out.
  • Please note that as classes become full, a Wait List is created. Please add your child’s name to the wait list if you are interested in the course, as openings sometimes become available. You will not be asked to pay anything to be on the wait list. Closed classes with a wait list are displayed alphabetically on the list below after open classes. Read the FAQs about Wait Listed classes.
Checking Out
  • Complete the check-out process within 15 minutes to secure your child(ren)’s seats in a class, otherwise, contact Compass to provide a credit card number.
  • If you have a Compass Credit on file, have that number to use at check-out. Refunds will not be issued for people who forgot to apply their credit.
  • Remember that PayPal is Compass’s credit card processor. You do not have to pay with PayPal or have a PayPal account to check out. You can elect to pay by credit card as a “guest” through PayPal.
  • Remember that Administrative Fees are added to each class at checkout as follows: $6.00 for quarter-long classes; $12.00 for semester-long classes; $24.00 for year-long classes.
  • Personal checks may be mailed to: Compass Homeschool Program, 520 Herndon Parkway, Suite D, Herndon, VA 20170.
Registration FAQs
When checking out, I accidentally entered my son’s name instead of my daughter’s name. What should I do?

No problem! The important thing is that your family has a space reserved in the class. Contact Compass to have us change the name on the registration for you.

When registering, I accidentally chose the Tuesday class section when we needed the Wednesday class section. Can I swap these?

No problem! As long as the preferred class section has an opening, we can move your child into the class you wanted. Contact Compass to have us make the change in your registration.

When checking out, I accidentally registered for the same class twice (or paid for the same transaction twice). Can I get a refund?

Contact Compass if you have duplicate registrations or duplicate payments. As long as we can see that the errors were made back-to-back by the payee, we can process a refund, less 4%, since the credit card processor will not return the transaction fee for Compass. As an example, if a payee accidentally pays for two of the same class at $150.00, they can be refunded $144.00.