Upcoming Events

Homeschool String Ensemble: Violin, Viola, Cello & Bass Musicians Invited

Musicians are needed for the Compass Homeschool String Ensemble! Does your child play violin, viola, cello, or bass? The String Ensemble is an opportunity for beginning* and intermediate string musicians in 6th-12th grade to play with others in collaborative, group setting, an experience often missing from private lessons.The String ... More

Featured Class: Technovation Team for Girls

Does your daughter want to make a difference in her world? If so, she should join the Technovation Team for girls! As part of the Technovation Team, girls will work in small groups to identify a problem in the community, propose a technology-based solution, and learn to code a unique mobile app to address the issue. Imagine a phone app that ... More

Student Magazine Subscriptions for 2020-21 Now On Sale!

Student magazine subscriptions are now on sale through Compass! Order them now for your 2020-21 homeschool year. 8 different titles are available from Scholastic for different reading levels and different interests. All editions are full color, no-advertisement “classroom” magazines that you can only get through a group order. Kids loving ... More

Compass: 5 Days per Week, In-Person and Online this Fall

This fall, Compass is offering 100+ in-person, small-group classes and more than 30 online classes 5-days per week! Classes for K-8 are held on Mon, Tue, Wed, or Thu, while high school level classes are scheduled on Mon, Wed, or Fri. Join us for one day or several in our new Herndon location. New homeschool families and virtual public school ... More

Compass Student Newspaper and Literary Magazine Released!

Extra! Extra! The Compass Collaborative student newspaper and PenPoint Literature and Art Magazine have been published! The student staff and advisors did a remarkable job completing their publications remotely this spring so their readers can enjoy the works virtually.The spring quarter publication of the Compass Collaborative is a ... More

Virtual Volunteer Work & the President’s Volunteer Service Award

Three-and-a-half months remain for homeschoolers to earn this year’s President’s Volunteer Service Award through Compass!The landscape for volunteering this spring and summer has drastically changed with COVID-19. Kids and teens who planned to volunteer at camps, historic sites, libraries, parks, and community projects have found ... More

New Items in the Compass Shop!

New items have been added to the Compass Shop!Books, games, music, and art in the Compass Shop have been donated by community partners for the purpose of raising funds for the President’s Volunteer Service Awards and other homeschool student recognition programs.STILL IN STOCK! More than 200 copies of NEW books are available from ... More

Sign Up Now for the 2020 Junior and Senior Homeschool Spelling Bees!

Spelling and word enthusiasts are encouraged to join us for our annual homeschool spelling bees!*The Junior Spelling Bee will be held on Wednesday, February 5, and is for students under age 9. The Junior Bee is a low-pressure, fun, first bee, where the top two winners are invited to participate in the Senior Spelling Bee. See the bee ... More

Donations Needed for Area Homeless

During Compass's winter week off, the UUCF church is converted to a hypothermia shelter for the area's homeless. Once again they have asked  Compass families to contribute items for our homeless neighbors. For the next three weeks, on January 22, 24, 29, 31, and February 5 and 7, we will be taking donations of:Packs of new adult ... More

Homeschool National Honor Society Accepting New Members

Join Alpha Rho Chapter!The Alpha Rho chapter of the Homeschool National Honor Society, Eta Sigma Alpha (HSA),is accepting new member applications from homeschooled teens for the upcoming year!The goals of HSA are to:Recognize and promote scholarship and academic excellence Create opportunities for leadership Foster networking ... More